About Us

Welcome to Busy, where we believe in the powerful combination of beauty and fashion. Our story began in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, in Moca, Puerto Rico. I'm Emily Avilés, and it was during this time of great uncertainty that I decided to chase my two biggest passions: fashion and beauty.

The world was changing, and so were the ways we saw and felt about ourselves. I saw this as a chance to create something unique—a place where women could find both beauty and fashion in one spot. Busy started as my dream to bring together the best of these worlds.

In Moca, a town known for its resilience and spirit, Busy first opened its doors. Our boutique was small, but it was filled with carefully chosen items that represented the latest in style and beauty. We wanted to offer more than just products; our goal was to provide an experience, a place where women could come to find things that made them feel good and look great.

Busy quickly became a community. It's a place where people who love fashion and beauty can come together. We've seen many styles come into the spotlight and then fade, but our commitment to bringing the best in fashion and beauty has never wavered.

Our journey from a small boutique in Moca to a favorite spot for fashion and beauty lovers is a story of determination, adapting to change, and believing in the power of our passions.

Stop by Busy, where each visit is a chance to discover something new, each item chosen makes a statement, and each customer becomes part of our growing, beautiful journey.